Ice Push Damage Repair - Permits are Required

This winter's cold temperatures and lack of snow cover has caused for some serious shoreline damage from lake-ice pressures.  Remember while planning your recovery from winter remember that permits are required for any work within the Shore Impact Zone.  This includes repairs from this years ice-push damage.

If you have any questions concerning PRWD permits our the permitting process please check our Permit Information page or call Brent Alcott.


Highway 10 Restore the Shore Enhancement Project

A shout out and thank you to the City's Public Works Department and the Department of Correction's STS Program for their help in mulching the trees along the Highway 10 Scenic Overlook on November 18th! With their help, we were able to complete Step 1 in a Restore the Shore Enhancement Project, coordinated by our Minnesota GreenCorps Member, Jillian Walechka.



Water Management Plan Update

The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking your input to help us with updating the District’s Water Management Plan. The District is involved with environmental education, water quality (monitoring, storm water, shoreline restoration), aquatic invasive species management, etc. All work that watershed districts do during the plan period is controlled by the updated plan. Minnesota Watershed Districts are required to update their Water Management Plan every 10 years.

Becker County Job Postings

Becker County seeking Level I and Level II Watercraft Inspectors to work at lake accesses beginning in May.  There will be DNR and county training provided for these positions.  Please check their website if you are interested.  Wages will be $15.00/hour for Level I and $17.50 for Level II, which will include training on decontaminating watercraft.   Their will also be College Internship opportunities for these positions.

Becker County Jobs


St. Clair TMDL report and request for Comments

Public comments are now being accepted regarding the Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS) report for St. Clair Lake.  Public comments will be accepted now through 4:30 p.m. on February 19, 2015.  Questions can be directed to the MPCA contact listed below or the the PRWD office.

Request for Public Comment

St. Clair Lake Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Report


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MN DNR Trailer Decal Program Postponed

MN DNR has postponed the AIS training and trailer decal program

St. Clair public comments period

Public Comments will be accepted for the St. Clair TMDL through February 19th at 4:30pm. Please…

MN DNR confirms zebra mussels in Lake Melissa in Becker County.

MN DNR confirms zebra mussels in Lake Melissa in Becker County.

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