Special Meeting - Sept 19, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Revised Management Plan Review

A special meeting of the Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers will be held on Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 3:00 PM in the 2nd floor conference of the Wells Fargo Bank Building, 211 Holmes St. W., Detroit Lakes, MN.  

The only agenda item includes the review of the Revised Management Plan.

PRWD Job Announcement

Water Resource Coordinator

August 28, 2019

 The Pelican River Watershed District seeks a full-time Water Resource Coordinator.

Position Description (PDF)

Job Posting (PDF)


PRWD Employment Application (MSWord) (PDF)

Complete and submit electronically the PRWD Employment Application, Resume and Cover Letter to: prwdinfo@arvig.net

Selection Process

Closing Date:  September 19, 2019

Interviews Begin:  September 23, 2019

Anticipated Start Date:  October 2019

Position will remain open until filled.


About the Position - See complete Job Posting (PDF)  above

The Water Resource Coordinator will provide critical administrative and technical assistance in water resource protection and planning, with emphasis on assisting with the District’s water management permit program, operation and maintenance of a watershed-wide water monitoring program, GIS, project management and civic engagement/public outreach activities.   We are looking for applicants who possess excellent people skills, the ability to quickly assess a situation and make a decision, and the ability to adapt daily to the needs of our programs.

Some of the key work activities of the Water Resources Coordinator position are:

  • Assists with permit processing and maintenance, including site visits, reviewing permit applications for technical completeness, maintaining and updating permit-related databases and templates. 
  • Develops, implements and maintains the District water quality monitoring program and plans, and budget. Provides technical, design, and graphic expertise including water quality modeling, GIS, and Adobe Suite. Trains and provides direction to the summer monitoring interns.
  • Works closely with the Local Governmental Units within the District which includes the City of Detroit Lakes, Becker and Otter Tail Counties, Becker and West Otter Tail SWCD offices, and other Federal and State (MPCA, BWSR, MN DNR) coordinating agencies.
  • Performs other duties as assigned. A more complete job description may be viewed on the PRWD website: www.prwd.org



  • Writing and analytical skills sufficient to draft technical reports, letters, correspondence, lake management plans, etc.
  • Knowledge of sampling techniques, science applications, and scientific equipment to conduct lake and stream water quality sampling, lake vegetation surveys, and shoreline assessments.
  • Communications, public relations and presentation skills sufficient to effectively present watershed information (water quality, lake health, District permitting program, projects, etc.) to board members and to diverse groups of stakeholders, peers and youth groups.
  • Computer literacy, including knowledge of Arc GIS, databases, spreadsheets, and word processing.
  • Ability to self-start and to work independently without close supervision.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects and programs simultaneously.
  • Accounting and/or budgeting experience is desired.


A Bachelor's degree involving major study in Natural Resources, Biology, Ecological Sciences, Hydrology or closely related fields and a minimum of 2 years’ of professional level experience in an environmental field  


A Master's degree in one of the above fields.

Special Requirements/Conditions of Employment: Must possess a valid driver's license with no major traffic convictions in the past 5 years, have the ability to maintain and safely operate equipment, such as boats, motors, trailers, etc., occasionally work in adverse weather and environmental conditions,  lift and carry materials weighing up to 50 pounds, and work at a desk.

Salary Range: $50,000 - $68,000


2019 Lake Handouts Available

Some lake handouts were updated in 2019 for various lake association meetings.  If you would like to view the latest information for your lake, click on the link below.

Lake Sallie     Lake Melissa     Long Lake     Big & Little Detroit

Otter Tail Basin Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS)

District Staff (Guetter, Alcott, summer interns, and Manager Okeson) joined the MN DNR on August 1st to assess streambank erosion and rate the erodibility riverbank between Co Rd 149 to Floyd Lake.  Many areas of erosion were observed that are contributing to high nutrient and sediment loads to Floyd Lake, however, some of the bank slump areas from 20 year's ago are "healing" up.  On September 5th, Guetter, Alcott and MN DNR staff completed the upstream section between Co Rd 149 and 230th St.  This area is seasonally pastured and there were several bank areas which were trampled down by cattle watering and crossing use, exposing fine sediment.  DNR staff will use the data to model and predict sediment loss from streambank erosion.  

A survey of the Pelican River between Hwy 10 and Detroit Lake was completed on September 7th.  Sediment accumulation was found in the culverts due to a widening of the stream bed in those areas, however no significant streambank erosion was noted.


Resolution to initiate project to impound Waters of Becker County Ditch 13

The Board of Mangers at their March 15, 2018 meeting initiated a project to impound waters of Becker County Ditch 13 on the Rice Lake wetland to reduce phosphorus loadings and algal blooms on downstream lakes (Detroit, Muskrat, Sallie and Melissa).  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions.

  Resolution to Impound waters of Becker County Ditch 13

District Awarded $1.5 million in Clean Water Funds

May 25, 2016 - The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) announced a third round of Clean Water Fund grants to help six local governments from around the state.  Pelican River Watershed District will receive $1.5 million to help reduce phosphorus loading to the watershed by 50%.

For the latest information regarding the project - go to "Our Work" and see Rice Lake Wetland Project.


  To read full release - click here.

The Board of Soil and Water Resources (BWSR) highlighted the project in their October Snapshot.

Notice of Decision to Revise & Update the PRWD Water Management Plan

The Pelican River Watershed District adopted a resolution on April 21, 2016 requiring the update and revision of the Pelican River Watershed Management Plan, as authorized under Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 103D.405, the Watershed District Statute.

The plan will be focused on priority water management concerns,  The Pelican River Watershed District invites all recipients of this notice to submit water management issues they feel the plan should focus on.

Also, please submit any water and related land resources plans and official controls to the name below so that they can be reviewed to ensure consistency with the Watershed Management Plan.

Please submit the requested information by June 1, 2016 or direct inquiries to:

Tera Guetter, Administrator

211 Holmes St. West, Suite 201

Detroit Lakes, MN 56501                 218-846-0436 or tera.guetter@arvig.net

MN Buffer Initiative

Governor Mark Dayton's landmark buffer initiative was signed into law in 2016.  The law establishes new perennial vegetation buffers of up to 50 feet along rivers, streams, and ditches that will help filter out phosphorus, nitrogen, and sediment. The new law provides flexibility and financial support for landowners to install and maintain buffers, and boost compliance with buffer laws across Minnesota.

The DNR's has  produced an interactive buffer viewing maps of public waters and ditch systems that require permanent vegetation buffers. http://arcgis.dnr.state.mn.us/gis/buffersviewer/


Buffer Fact Sheet

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