MN Buffer Initiative

Governor Mark Dayton's landmark buffer initiative was signed into law this year. The law establishes new perennial vegetation buffers of up to 50 feet along rivers, streams, and ditches that will help filter out phosphorus, nitrogen, and sediment. The new law provides flexibility and financial support for landowners to install and maintain buffers, and boost compliance with buffer laws across Minnesota.

The DNR's role in Minnesota's new buffer law is to produce maps of public waters and ditch systems that require permanent vegetation buffers. The DNR is scheduled to produce these maps by July 2016.

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New Aquatic Invasive Plant found in MN

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reported that a new plant, actually an algae, has been found in two connected lakes, Koronis and Mud, near Paynesville. Like Eurasian milfoil, it grows into dense mats that can cover the surface of shallow waters, squeezing out other plants and creating a wall between fish and their spawning grounds.

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2015  Flowering Rush Treatment Areas 

Flowering Rush Treatment and Research is complete for the 2015 season.  The plant samples from the first year of the "maintenance" phase of research are currently being analyzed.  We expect to have the full report complete in the spring of 2016.  The thresholds for where and when treatments occurred can be found in the 2015 Pre-Treatment Summary.


Curfman Lake              Detroit Lake               Lake Sallie             Lake Melissa


2015 MN DNR Permits                   2015 Pre-Treatment Summary, Mississippi State University

2014 Flowering Rush Report

Mississippi State's Geosystems Research Institute has released the report for the 2014 Flowering Rush study.  The study was a collaborative effort between the Dr. Gray Turnage, Dr. John Madsen, and the Pelican River Watershed District staff. The report is available to download.

2014 Flowering Rush Research Report


Water Management Plan Update

The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking your input to help us with updating the District’s Water Management Plan. The District is involved with environmental education, water quality (monitoring, storm water, shoreline restoration), aquatic invasive species management, etc. All work that watershed districts do during the plan period is controlled by the updated plan. Minnesota Watershed Districts are required to update their Water Management Plan every 10 years.

Hwy 10 Overlook Update   10/13/2015

PRWD met with Becker County Soil and Water Conservation District and the City of Detroit Lakes to visit the site to determine the health of the plants and to develop a plan for maintenance this fall and next spring.

The shoreline plants that were planted during May are doing very well thanks to some TLC from the PRWD staff interns and the City of Detroit Lakes Parks crew who diligently watered throughout the hot summer months.  Be sure to take notice of the colors as you walk or drive by.



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Water Management Plan Update

The Pelican River Watershed District Board of Managers is seeking your input to help us with…

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