Shorelines and Streambanks

ShorelineShorelines and streambanks are important and intricate parts of aquatic ecosystems.

Managing these areas properly is important to the health of our lakes, rivers and streams. 

Erosion is a significant problem around shoreline and streambanks, not only because the eroding sediment can fill in our water bodies, but also because areas that are wearing away are less stable and more likely to collapse. This is especially troublesome for homeowners that live near a creek.


What Can I Do?


Today many homeowners use rip-rap and retaining walls to stabilize shorelines, but these practices are costly and do not necessarily stop erosion. The best method for stabilization is to utilize native plantings. Native plants have a longer root system that provides strong support along the shore.  (Photos and content courtesy of Minnehaha Creek Watershed District)

Consider restoring your shoreline or streambank with the help of PRWD and the Becker Soil and Water Conservation District.

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