District Rules

Water Management Rules (effective 2003)

PRWD 103E Systems Only Buffer Rule (effective 2018)

Permit Fee Schedule (effective January 2020)

As the primary water quality and storm water runoff management entity within the watershed boundaries, PRWD helps protect the public interest and natural resources of the District by providing reasonable regulation of its lands and waters. In order to achieve PRWD’s goal of cleaner water resources, these rules require storm water management and erosion control permits for projects involving changes to impervious surface coverage, subdivisions, plats, or planned unit developments (PUD’s), highways, roads, streets, parking lost, or public water accesses (construction or reconstruction), to reduce storm water pollution to PRWD’s lakes, wetlands and the Pelican River. 

PRWD requires and issues permits for the following activities: 

    • Shore impact zone alterations, including vegetation changes such as but not limited to trees, buffers; hard surfaces such as  decks, sidewalks/stairs, patio, accessory structures. ice ridge repair.     
    • Bluff Impact Zone/Steep Slope area alterations within the Shoreland distric
    • Rip-rap or beach sand blankets (installation, repair, or replacement)
    • Retaining walls (installation, repair, or replacement within shore impact or bluff impact zones). Retaining walls in the shore impact zone are allowed only for the purposes of correcting existing slope instability or erosion;  the base of such walls must be above the highest known water level.
    • Impervious surface coverage(total cumulative coverage)
      • More than 25% of lot coverage
      • 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.)  or greater
      • more than 10,000 sq. ft. in Shoreland District
    • Subdivisions, plats, or planned unit developments (PUD’s)
    • Highway, road, street, parking lot, or public water access (construction or reconstruction)
    • Bridge and/or Culverts, inlets to Waters of the State, storm sewers (new or changes to existing structures)
    • Groundwater de-watering – (discharges to Waters of the State)


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