Small Site Permit Guidance

Small Site Permits are required for any land or vegetation alteration in sensitive areas or for stormwater management for residential properties exceeding certain thresholds.

Small Site Permit Tresholds

Permits are required for any of the following actions

  • Alteration to land or vegetation within the Shore Impact Zone
  • Installation, repair, or replacement of rip-rap or sand beach blanket
  • Alteration to land or vegetation within a Bluff Impact Zone or on steep slopes
  • Stormwater managment for properties that contain more than 25% lot area coverage (includes all new and existing coverage) within 1,000 from a lake (if property contains greater that 10,000 S.F of new, reconstruction and existing impervious coverage, please see Large Site Permits)




Sand Beach Blanket


Stormwater Management (Imperv

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