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Flowering Rush

The Pelican River Watershed District has been working with Dr. John Madsen and Dr. Grey Turnage from Mississippi State to monitor the effectiveness of Flowering Rush control and potential eradication with the use of carefully applied herbicides.  Since the beginning of the project in 2005, large reductions in Flowing Rush beds have been observed throughout the District.

2014 Flowing Rush Study

2015 was the first year of the "management" phase of the research.  With the assistance of Dr. Madsen and Dr. Turnage we are developing treatment "thresholds" as a guide of where and when we will chemically treat.  These "thresholds will hopefully allow us to maintain low populations of a plant with as little chemical application as possible.  Click the link below to read about what the current treatment plan is.

2015 Pre-Treatment Summary

Flowering Rush regression photos can be seen below.

Deadshot Bay

Busker's Beach West


Curly-Leaf pondweed

Historically, the PRWD obtained permits from the MN DNR each year to harvest curly-leaf pondweed to help control the population and density.  No eradication techniques had been found, however, harvesting allowed for recreational activities to continue.  However, in 2016, the district began chemical treatment on the most dense patches on Lakes Detroit, Curfman, Sallie and Melissa.  The chemical treatment was very successful and was therefore continued in 2017.  


Zebra Mussels

Zebra mussels were first confirmed in Lake Melissa in 2014 and have since been found in Lake Sallie and Detroit Lake.  In the fall of 2017, as people are removing docks and lifts from the lake, they are finding populations in various sizes.  Decontamination of boats and equipment is critical in stopping the spread of the invasive mussels.  Equipment should be left out over the winter to be sure there are no surviving mussels if you plan to sell or move equipment to a different lake.

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