Interactive Map Applications

PRWD has assembled a variety of interactive map applications to aid the public in understanding our resource concerns, applying for permits, exploring the district and more.

District Overview -  Get to know PRWD!


View District Boundaries, Lakes, Public Waters, Sections, Townships, Soils, Aerial Imagery save maps and more.

Water Quality Monitoring - Locations and Types


Each year PRWD monitors lakes, streams and stormwater conveyances for a variety of parameters.  View monitoring locations and the parameters sampled in this simple to use map application

Water Quality Decision Support Application


This application shows overland contributions of sediment, phosphorus and nitrogen to inform local decisions regarding land use, conservation projects, development and other activities affecting surface water quality.  Starting with data generated by the International Waters Institute, the data layers in the application are derived from High Resolution LiDAR Elevation data and re-ranked for specific relevance to PRWD.

Permit Viewer - Issued Permits


Wondering if a project is permitted? Can’t remember what year you put that Rip-Rap in? The permit viewer allows you to spatially search and query PRWD’s issued permits and related information.

Site Map Application


Submitting a permit or have a potential project? Use this web app template as a starting point for creating a map of your project site.

Private Web Applications (Login Required)

PRWD Project Permitting Application


PRWD Site Visit Application


Elevation Profile Tool


Watershed Delineation Application


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