2020-2030 Revised Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan 

The MN Board of Water and Soil Resources Board adopted Order #20-19 on March 25, 2020, approving the District’s  2020 Watershed Management Plan. At its April 23, 2020 regular meeting, the PRWD Board of Managers officially adopted the PRWD's 2020 Watershed Management Plan (WMP) pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 103D.405.

The Pelican River Watershed District (PRWD) worked with a number of stakeholders over the past three years to complete the  update of its fourth-generation 2020 Watershed Management Plan (WMP). The WMP sets the vision and priorities for the District for the next ten years.  The 2020 WMP expands upon the 2005 WMP extensive technical understanding of the watershed's resources, and emphasizes collaboration with other agencies and organizations to align water resource goals with local goals.  The PRWD utilized Citizen Advisory and Technical Advisory Committees as well as held  several public and partner input meetings to provide preliminary input, review, and comment during various stages of the update process.  Building upon the 2005 Plan and the eight water management areas, the 2020 WMP provided measurable goals, objectives, and desired outcomes and included information from the Otter Tail River Watershed  Restoration and Protection Strategies (WRAPS), watershed monitoring and studies, drainage compliance inventory.  The 2020 WMP was developed using the One Watershed One Plan outline which will be later incorporated into the future  Otter Tail River Basin 1W1P.   

Please download the final WMP and appendices using the links below. The PRWD thanks the City of Detroit Lakes, Becker and Otter Tail Counties, residents, and other partners who have participated in the process of developing this new Watershed Management Plan.

If you have any questions about the 2020 WMP or need additional information, please contact the District at prwdinfo@arvig.net   or by phone at (218) 846-0436.


PRWD 2020 Watershed Management Plan (PDF 2838 KB)

PRWD 2020 WMP Appendix A (PDF 4891 KB)

PRWD 2020 WMP Appendix B (PDF 6703 KB)

PRWD 2020 WMP Appendix C (PDF 6207 KB)

PRWD 2020 WMP Appendix D (PDF 299 KB)

PRWD 2020 WMP Appendix E (PDF 2635 KB)

BWSR Plan Approval Letter (March 25,2020 - PDF - 115 KB)

BWSR Board Order #20-19 (March 25, 2020 - PDF-260 KB)

PRWD Resolution 2020 (April 16, 2020 - PDF - 169 KB)


Watershed Management Planning History

Managers are required to prepare, and then operate within, the general framework of their Overall Plan, now called the Watershed Management Plan or the Revised Watershed Management Plan. The law requires such plans to be revised at least once every ten years.

The first District plan was prepared in 1966 and 1967 by the Managers with the direct assistance of an Advisory Committee. Comprised of a wide range of community leaders, the Advisory Committee, included City and County officials, local businessmen and professionals, federal and state officials, lake association representatives, and educators.

The committee was divided into work groups which prepared portions of the plan (modeled after existing Watershed District plans that had been made available). The notes and recommendations for the various parts of the plan were pulled together by Reverend Emerson Harris (Detroit Lakes Congregational church) who wrote the final draft of the plan.

The 1967 plan focused on eutrophication problems of area lakes; it noted the gaps in information and indicated that a principal task of the District would be to conduct basic research and obtain data on the nature and causes of the water quality problems. A hearing was held on October 19, 1967; very strong community support for the plan and District’s managers was reported by city and county officials, lake association groups, and other citizens. The County Auditor noted that property values had decreased on those lakes which had deteriorated the most, and that the community would be threatened if steps were not taken to correct the problems.

The District’s Overall Plan was approved by the State in December, 1967, and served the District for almost 27 years. With the passage of time, the original plan no longer served the needs of the District. For that reason, and in order to comply with State Law, the District began to consider revisions to its management plan in the late 1980’s.

From 1990-1992 several different drafts were prepared for agency review. In each instance, the draft was found to be deficient in some respect. In the meantime the District had entered into a Clean Lakes Partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, an arrangement that lead to signfificant improvement in understanding of lake water quality problems and their causes. Therefore it was decided to postpone the preparation of the District’s Revised Water Management Plan (RWMP) until it had completed comprehensive diagnostic study for the PCA.

Accordingly, in mid-1994, a RWMP revision, bearing little resemblance to earlier versions finally was
prepared and sent to BWSR for review. It reflected major re-thinking of District goals and the status of
various programs.

PRWD 2005 Revised Mgmt Plan
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Revised Water Mgmt Plan 2005-2014

In 1997 the Revised Water Management Plan was amended, mainly to take in to account the County’s assignment of responsibility for four public ditches to the District. The Amendments also enabled the adoption of a new funding approach, charging fees for stormwater discharge.

A complete revision of the Water Management Plan was approved in 2005. This relied heavily upon strategies, previously adopted by the District, but added considerable detail in the form of implementation plans tailored to each of eight Lake Water Quality Management Areas.

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