Youth Programs and local schools

The District believes it is in our best interest to raise well informed decision makers to guide future generations. Over the years, Pelican River Watershed District has provided area youth and students with the opportunity to learn about, and become involved, in the preservation and protection of the resources within our care.  Below Rossman fourth graders are presenting to their class the characteristics of a watershed and what type of actions can impact water quality in our area.

Summer intern Connor Haugrud watches as Becker County Fair attendees create environmental images that are made into buttons.

Each year PRWD staff works with area water professionals to provide an educational experience for local 9th grade students.  They are given hands on water quality monitoring experience as well a classroom experience regarding the pros and cons of developing a beautiful piece of property right in the city limits.  For a full recap of the event, click on the link below.


The City of Detroit Lakes hosts an annual 4th grade Water Festival each spring and invites the Watershed District, along with other water professionals, to teach students about the importance of water.

In 2019, the District created a “water bar” for students to try.  They were given samples of four different sources of drinking water and were asked to guess which sample came from where; well water, bottled water, water from a river, or our Detroit Lakes City water from an aquifer.

The District Staff has been involved in local education events including:

4th Grade Water Festival

5th Grade Ike Fischer Farm Tour

Water Watch Programs

Becker County Fair

Tamarac Fall Festival

Aqua Chautauqua