Ditch 14 (St. Clair Creek)
Length 3.87 mi
Elevation Change 6 ft
Headwaters St. Clair Lake (and adjacent wetlands)
Outlet Pelican River
Number of Sampling Sites 3 Sites:
S002-158 - HWY 59
S002-247 - County HWY 6
S002-160 - Outlet to Pelican River
Impaired ​
(On the MPCA Impaired Waters List, Restoration necessary)
(Enhance condition to prevent future impairment. Nearly Impaired/degrading trend.)
Total Phosphorous, Dissolved Oxygen
(maintain good condition and protect against future risks)
Total Suspended Solids (Sediment)


Description & Overview

Originally, Lake St. Clair was a 591 acre lake located west of the Detroit Lakes. In about 1915, the lake was drained to its present size of 140 acres because of the “awful stench” it presented to the local residents. Ditch 14 is the ditch dug to drain Lake St. Clair. Ditch 14 brings water to St. Clair, including much of the City of Detroit Lakes Stormwater runoff. St. Clair discharges to the southwest via Ditch 14 to the Pelican River, entering Muskrat and Sallie Lakes. Ditch 14 flows through a partially drained wetland which contributes additional phosphorus prior to outlet to the Pelican River.

Ditch 14 receives the heavy phosphorous loads from Lake St. Clair that caused the Impairment identified in 2016. It also increases its phosphorous load through the wetlands between Lake St. Clair and the Pelican River.

Water Quality

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Studies & Surveys

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