Sucker Creek
Waterbody ID 09020103-551
Length 3.19
Elevation Change 36.5 ft
Headwaters Unnamed Wetland
Outlet Detroit Lake
Number of Sampling Sites 1 Site:


Description & Overview

Sucker Creek is a natural creek that flows into the Southeast shore of Big Detroit Lake. Sucker Creek is protected by the Sucker Creek Nature Preserve, a 117 acre protection area aimed to preserve the natural state of Sucker Creek and educate people about the benefits of natural systems. Sucker Creek is the District’s only designated trout stream. Because if its unique natural state, the District monitors water quality at one point on the creek.

From the Greater Sucker Creek Management  Plan-
“The purpose and goal of the Greater Sucker Creek Preserve is to provide a readily accessible location within the City of Detroit Lakes where the natural world can be enjoyed by all who wish to do so. Its facilities are near many area schools and universities that may wish to use the natural area for biological and scientific study. Its landscape lends itself to enjoyment by everyone from bird watchers and exercise enthusiasts to trout fisherman and naturalists. Its location in an unusual spring fed watershed can lead to all sorts of environmental education opportunities. However, there needs to be a balance struck between the various uses of the property to ensure the integrity of the land for wildlife and wildlife habitat. There will continue to be more and varied uses considers for the Greater Sucker Creek Preserve. Managers must ensure there are minimal conflicts with the Preserve’s “mission. One cannot enjoy the natural world if there is little or no nature remaining.”

Water Quality

Total Phosphorus and Discharge

Total Suspended Solids and Discharge

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Studies & Surveys

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