Becker County 11,12,13,& 14 Drainage Systems
In the late 1990’s, Becker County Commissioners transferred the drainage authority responsibilities of Becker County Ditch 11/12 (Campbell Lake/Creek area), 13 (Floyd Lake, Rice Lake, City of Detroit Lakes area), and 14 (St. Clair Lake, City of Detroit Lakes area) to the Pelican River Watershed District.

These drainage systems were constructed from 1913 to 1918 for agricultural improvements. The management of these systems follows MN Statute 103E and the costs associated with the drainage systems are paid for by the benefiting properties.

The District annually inspects the ditch systems condition, noting vegetative buffers, erosion, blockages, tree snags, or beaver activity.  The District is required by MN Statute 103E to maintain the integrity and functionality of the drainage system.  Most maintenance expenses are related to  trapping beaver, removing tree snags, blockages, and beaver dams. The District  has adopted a drainage policy to guide maintenance activities. The District contracts with local trappers to remove the beaver and remove small dams. It is sometimes necessary to hire contractors who operate excavators or use explosives to remove larger blockages, sediment, or tree snags.

Problem Reporting
To report beaver dams, blockages, tree snags, erosion contact the office at 218-846-0436 or email at

Drainage System Buffer Requirement 
MN Statutes require buffers on all public drainage systems. See Permits/Drainage Systems for more information.

Work on Drainage Systems
See Permits/Drainage Systems for actions requiring a District permit or Board of Managers approval.